Government Fleets

Government Fleets

Government Fleet Tracking

We have provided customized and integrated telematics solutions for government organizations for the past 14+ years.  We have done business with the U.S. Post Office, several state governments, multiple counties within Florida and Arizona, cities in California, Mississippi, Georgia and many others.  Each level of government and department has specialized, yet diverse, requirements.  We take the time to understand your organization and develop customized solutions. Hence, we do not sell custom solutions online.  

Our goal is to improve the financial position of our customers. We achieve this through improved and ongoing efficiencies resulting in a measurable and timely return on investment (ROI).  Our solution and service addresses five key aspects of fleet management that have a huge impact on overall performance.  These five pillars are productivity, safety, compliance, fleet maintenance, and expandability.  Government class fleet management requires unique features and capabilities and our industry experience helps drive your success.  With a complete line of fleet management solutions, Fleetistics is able to take a consultative approach to customizing solutions for our customers.  We have a dedicated account management team specifically for government customers. 

Call us at 877-467-0326 to start the discovery process. 

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