Covert Vehicle Tracker (battery)

Covert Vehicle Tracker (battery)
Covert Vehicle Tracker (battery) Covert Vehicle Tracker (battery) Covert Vehicle Tracker (battery) Covert Vehicle Tracker (battery)
Brand: US Fleet Tracking
Product Code: USFT-PT-PROV3
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Covert personal tracker designed to be put under a vehicle with magnetic mounting system. GPS location update every 10 seconds for near real-time tracking. GPS locator can be removed from weatherproof case and used in bags, packages, etc. The tracker is the size of a pager when removed from magnetic mounting case. Easy and convenient online access. Month-to-month services available for private investigators, law enforcement, and other seasonal needs.

  • 10 second updates for up to 10 hours of movement on a single charge. 
  • 3G GPS tracker, portable, extended battery powered, light weight, discreet, no installation required, covert tracking, Pelican™ Case
  • PT-V3 Pro: GPS Tracker inside Pelican™ Case and connected to extended battery
  • PT-V3 Pro: GPS Tracker connected to extended batteryPT-V3 Pro: GPS Tracker's extended batteryPT-V3 Pro: GPS Tracker inside Pelican™ CasePT-V3 Pro: GPS Tracker in handPT-V3 Pro: GPS Tracker in hand
  • Take the PT-V3 to the next level and get the PT-V3 Pro. It's the same PT-V3 including a Pelican™ Case with a 80lb-pull magnet for adhering to steel and an extended battery that increases operational time to 75 hours.
  • With the PT-V3, you can watch live as the person carrying the PT-V3 walks or drives. Every movement is recorded so you can play it back up to 90 days later.
  • The PT-V3 Pro performs as soundly as it predecessor, the PT-X5 Pro, and still packs that powerhouse punch of reliability. The PT-V3 Pro is a truly live GPS tracker.

This device does not require a contract but you must purchase a minimum of 2 months of subscription service under the Related Products tab at the bottom. The billing period starts on the first and ends the last day of the month. Purchassing mid month requires adjusting the service period which will reduce the number of actual days of service depending on when the device is purchase in the month.

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